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Opportunity to Serve

It's important to acknowledge my clients for their trust and courage to undertake the process of change and allowing me to be their personal tour guide --- creating their own personal wellness toolbox.  

It is with heartfelt joy to be a witness to the blossoming of pure radiance. Thank you for awakening the Master within and being receptive to the divine flow of light, love & power.  It is your birth right to be and feel truly abundant.  

As my teacher, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, taught me - "Love is the lubricant that heals all wounds."  May you swim in an infinite ocean of love.  

Thank you and be well.

 With Love & Purity,

I was introduced to DeAnna 4yrs ago; words can't describe how she has changed our lives!!

I say ours, as in our whole family.....DeAnna has a special gift that is indescribable.   DeAnna has helped me with anxiety and acceptance of things that are out of my control.....She has helped our child with school anxiety, confidence and self esteem and she has helped my husband enjoy life again!! 

The way I feel when I leave a session is really hard to put into words.   I feel a weight has been lifted, I'm lighter,  happier,  full of energy and balanced.

DeAnna is so many things....passionate with what she does,  a wonderful listener and healer.  I am forever grateful for DeAnna and the way that she has helped us.

A lot of people are hesitant, and so was I at first, but when you see and feel the results and you're open to change, it is an amazing feeling!!!!

Naples, Florida

DeAnna is truly an "Angel"...  I tell her that when I finally get to meet her in person, I'm gonna look for those wings!  ; )

My knees had progressively gotten worse over the years, and after only ONE $50 Session with DeAnna....THEY WERE HEALED!

That was 9 months ago and they still feel great!  Also, the Pranic Healing was done remotely... which is remarkable.

I have absolutely "NO PAIN!"  I can get out of bed and instantly walk at a normal pace without taking baby steps first, I can stand for long periods of time, I can dance and jog again... things I used to love doing!...  And, finally, I can walk up and down stairs effortlessly....  Which means my fiance and I can now buy a 2 story house this summer, which we prefer, as opposed to a ranch style house, which I thought we were going to have to get!

As soon as the Healing Session started, the impact was immediate....  It was so profound...  The tears started rolling and I felt tingly all over. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted...

I am forever indebted to DeAnna...  There are really no words to describe my gratitude...  It is so deep.  I just hope she receives it back  tenfold as she certainly deserves it!  She is gifted beyond measure.

If you "Believe" and are "Open" to being Healed...  You "Will" be Healed...  I Promise You That!      DeAnna has Changed my Life!  

Miracles "Do" Happen And Dreams "Do" Come True!

Forever Grateful,

Marla Edgar
New York, NY

Fall 2011
This fall of 2011 I’ve had my first appointments with DeAnna. Before the first I had been chronically fatigued for weeks at a time, off and on, for the last two years.  This was depressing – literally, and hoped I’d get some benefit from the treatment she offers, but was not expecting the extraordinary turnaround that I experienced. The remainder of the day of the treatment I was as if drugged: relaxed but sluggish. On the next, about 24 hours later, it was as if someone had flipped a switch and flooded me with energy – energy like I hadn’t felt in many months – and, I feel a little shy writing this, joy!

I’ve had enough schooling to try not to jump to conclusions, and, in this case, not to attribute the experience necessarily to that treatment, but I was suspicious. My mind said “It could have been a coincidence. Many factors could have coalesced that weekend to cause that effect.” But my intuition felt that it was indeed that treatment.

So, when about six weeks later, perhaps triggered by a grueling 3300 mile car trip, I returned to the unhappy state of fatigue and its accompanying mild depression, I felt what I should do – arrange for another appointment with DeAnna.  Same thing.  Day of the treatment I was sluggish as can be; 24 hours later the switch was flipped and I was renewed! This is one happy client.

Bonita Springs, Florida

August 29, 2009
After sustaining a whiplash injury and exhausting all conventional resources from orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, I received a distant healing from Deanna.  I was becoming a chronic pain patient after six months of services, still suffering from limited mobility in my neck and shoulder as well as muscular pain ranging from moderate to acute.

After my distant healing session with Deanna, I soon began to have greater range of motion in my neck andshoulder.  The pain was less intense and soon realized the pain cycle was now broken. My sense of well-being has greatly improved.  Due to Deanna’s healing sessions, I‘m confident that I’m on the road to healing. I would recommend this healing modality to individuals who suffer from pain issues.

Linda Mihale
New York

October 2008
I am a skeptic, especially when it comes to energy healing, but the proof is in the pudding. My dog Wallace (the longest relationship of my life) had surgery due to an Insulinoma. After much heartache and insulin injections twice a day, my vet, amazing as he is, suggested I put him to sleep.

Thank God I didn't and thank DeAnna. After consultations and healings with Wallace, (she gave me some healings too - pets absorb our energy) he is no longer insulin dependent or diabetic and LIVING a happy life as he approaches his 14th birthday. For me it's a miracle but that's what I've come to expect from DeAnna.

R.J. Gilman
Los Angeles, CA